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Example Project

Project Outline

International SIM provider requiring a comprehensive system to administer a complete mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) solution, combining sophisticated API and events that is fully integrated into an eCommerce online user accounts website.

MVNO Administration Requirements

  • Master administration
  • Multi level reseller platform
  • User accounts
  • SIM Accounts
  • Transactions
  • Call logs
  • Location tracking
  • SIM Management
  • Event Logging
  • API Logging
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Data Bundles
  • User shop account integrated
  • Reseller Billing

and many other extras, see screen shot right.

eCommerce Shop Requirements

  • Users call logs
  • User transactions
  • Manipulate SIM settings
  • Listen to voicemails online
  • Register new SIM’s
  • Top-Up SIM
  • Purchase data bundles
  • SMS terminal
  • Rate calculators
  • Shop admin configuration plugin
  • Website location